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Attention Sales Managers, VP of Sales, and Business Owners who have a sales team:

My name is Eric Lofholm and for over 20 years I have been coaching and training salespeople on how to perform at their best.  I am seeking sales teams to train.  If you would like to provide motivation, skill building and some fresh ideas to your team then I am your guy. 

Below is a description of the program as well as pricing.  A great next step after reviewing this page is to request a free consultation with my team.  We can answer any questions you may have.

The program is called Continuous Sales Improvement for Teams.  I guarantee your team will increase their results and that you will love the program or you pay nothing.  The guarantee is explained at the bottom of this web page. 

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Let me share a little bit about my background and why I am so passionate about teaching salespeople how to improve.   I began my sales career in 1992.  I was the bottom producer on a team of about 15 people for an entire year.  I was then put on quota probation and told I had one more month to hit my quota.  The quota was $10,000 in gross sales.  It was at that time I was introduced to Dr. Donald Moine’s (Author of several sales books including Unlimited Selling Power) sales training techniques.  The next month I did $10,500 in gross sales and was able to keep my job by 1 sale.  The following month I did $51,000 in gross sales and became the top producer and I have never looked back.  I have gone on to do millions and millions of dollars in sales.  What I learned from that experience is that selling is a learned skill.

Part of my natural gift is teaching.  I started teaching what I learned from Dr. Moine to my co-workers.  Several of them saw immediate increases in their sales results.  I then went to work for motivational speaker, Tony Robbins.  Then in 1999 I started my current sales training company, Eric Lofholm International.  My vision was to become the top sales trainer of my generation.  Well here I am 20 years later having taught sales all over the world.  Which leads me to this letter you are reading on my website.  I want to train your sales team.  I want to be a piece to the puzzle to help your team perform at their highest level.  I am sincere in wanting to train your team.  I am going to do my best to blow you away with the program I have put together for you and your team!

Continuous Sales Improvement for Teams: The Program

I have put together a bundled solution to help your team increase their results.  Each component is designed to help them. The combination of the components is the power of the program.  I believe the best solution to increase a salesperson’s results is continuous improvement.  I believe this because this is how I went from a bottom producing salesperson to an international sales trainer.  I just kept working on my skills.  One module at a time…one chapter in a book at a time…one sales video at a time.  Each time I worked on my skills I got a little better.  Over time it all started adding up and eventually I became elite at sales.  This is what I want to teach to your team.  I want to train them each week and have them keep getting better.  This effort will compound over time and you will see real results. 

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The Core Product

50 Modules of Training Content Teaching my System
Weekly Monday Morning Sales Meeting via a Conference Call
8 am pacific / 11 am eastern
12 Virtual Classes Throughout the Year

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Product Details

50 Modules of Training Content Teaching my System

I have documented my system in audio and video modules.  The content is indexed so your team can instantly go to the content that is most relevant to what they need help on.  For example if they need to work on closing skills they can go straight to the closing content and study just that content.  There are modules that cover all of the fundamentals of sales as well as entire courses covering sales skills.  Each member on your team will have their own unique login so we can track how much time they are in the membership website studying. 

Weekly Monday Morning Sales Meeting via a Conference Call
8 am pacific / 11 am eastern

I am big on motivation.  Every Monday at 11 am Eastern I deliver a high energy, motivational 30-minute sales training on a conference call.  This call is done live and is also available as a recording. 

20 Virtual Classes Throughout the Year

Every month I do 1 live sales training via a webinar.  Your team can plug into these trainings live or on replay.  The trainings last about 30 minutes and have a specific topic.  I teach all of these classes myself.  

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One of the best parts of the program is how affordable the program is.  I want to train your entire sales team.  The investment is $500 per month for up to 10 salespeople.  For teams above 10 salespeople there is a small per person charge for each person above 10.  You can also pay a year up front for $5,000 and save $1,000.

Current Special We are Offering

Right now we are offering a special on the program.  You can join for $300 per month.  You will lock in this discounted rate for as long as you stay in the program.  You can also prepay for the year for $3,000 and each year you renew you will be locked in at this discounted rate.

My Double Guarantee!

I guarantee you will get value from the program.  If you are unhappy for any reason during the first 30 days I will give you a full refund.  After 30 days the program goes to a month-to-month agreement.  Stay in the program as long as the team is getting value.

My second guarantee is if you ever have any challenges with the program you can call or text me on my personal cell phone at 916 626 1945 and I will create a fair resolution with you.

Next Step

The next step is to request a free consultation where my staff will answer any of your questions and provide you the opportunity to sign up your sales team.  To request a consultation complete the form below or call or text me at (916) 626-1945.

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